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Tech Supporting Medical Services!


Read about how tech is supporting counselling services for children.

Notified Bodies – Total 27


Read about the latest regulatory update.

Swiss MedTech and EU MDR


Swiss MedTech and the EU MDR

Med-Di-Dia's Presentation On Helix!


07th July, Med-Di-Dia and its partners presented insights as a part of the ON Helix Innovations workshop. Read more…

Latest Guidance on UDI by USFDA


Just in: Latest Guidance issued by USFDA. Find out more here…

Med-Di-Dia Takes Part in Innovation Workshop with ON Helix


The One Nucleus community organises ON Helix Innovation workshops, and this time, Med-Di-Dia is participating with its Partners. Read More

Med-Di-Dia Turns 2


Started in 2019 - Embraced the Pandemic and now we are here! Read our celebrations!

EU MDR and the United Kingdom.


With complex developments in the regulatory framework, it is vital to stay up-to-date. Read on to know more about the EU MDR and the United Kingdom.

COVID-19 Survey by the EU Commission.


With the onset of COVID-19 vaccination and recovery, companies are developing new treatments and therapies. Read more about the survey.

Med-Di-Dia and Thomas Regulatory Resolutions are using the social media platform to spread awareness about medical device regulatory affairs.


Using the advantage of the digital space, bustling medical device regulatory service providers are going LinkedIn Live!

The future of Wearable Devices.


With advancing technology and MedTech Innovations, the future brings challenges as well as opportunities for wearable devices.

Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences announces seminar with Med-Di-Dia.


It is crucial to ensure that you are constantly updated in the dynamic and ever-developing medical world. Therefore, organisers at the Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences have initiated a semina...

EU MDR - what’s happening with Switzerland?


Before 26th May 2021, medical devices had restriction-free movement between Switzerland and the EU market. Since MDR was fully implemented throughout Europe from 26th May 2021, and with the breakdown ...

MedTech Europe warns of ongoing regulatory issues


MedTech Europe welcomed the first wave of new E.U. medical device regulations last week but said there’s work that’s yet to be done.

Med-Di-Dia Team Expansion


Welcoming the new set of Professionals. Med-Di-Dia Team is expanding. We aim at creating strong regulatory support for our Clients.

The US FDA releases draft guidelines for Medical Devices


The US FDA released draft guidelines for neurostim, other devices to treat diabetes and guidance for Testing and Labelling Medical Devices for Safety in the Magnetic Resonance (MR) Environment

EU plans to enforce additional regulations on MedTech AI products, other 'high-risk' systems.


AI and SaMD are the future of MedTech development. In these times, such stringent regulations could be seen to hamper the industry's capacity to innovate.

Report from Deloitte Spotlights the Trend for Virtual Care


Virtual care in the pre-pandemic era was considered a slow-moving industry. Investors have heavily invested their stakes in virtual health and care management technology.

Main changes introduced by the MDR for Class I Device Manufacturers


All medical device companies will be affected by new developments under MDR, which comes into effect on 26th May 2021. Everyone operating in the medical device sector will be affected one way or anoth...

UDI Helpdesk by the EU Commission!


Just in time, the European Commission has launched a UDI helpdesk to support EU MDR Economic operators.

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