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Med-Di-Dia Takes Part in Innovation Workshop with ON Helix


A few weeks back, One Nucleus organised ‘knock-out’ tournaments where our Parent company, Global Regulatory Services Ltd, won the majority votes. This win presented us with an opportunity to participate and showcase our expertise in the innovation workshop.


This Innovation Workshop is organised by ON Helix and will be hosted on their newly launched app!

Med-Di-Dia aims at providing insights into ‘How Regulatory Compliance in Medtech Is a Tool for Success’


The session is scheduled for Wednesday 07th July 2021, starting at 3:00 pm BST


“This session will share real-life experiences and hints, and tips from people who have ‘been there, done it and (almost) got the T-Shirt!’” – Greer Deal


Our Partners are really looking forward to getting involved in this Innovation Workshop and to chatting through their experiences. In this session, the attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the real-life experiences and challenges faced by Medical Device Manufacturers. Our panel will also spotlight different aspects involved in Regulatory Compliance.


If you are interested in being a part of the session, please feel free to register yourselves by clicking here


Our Panellists Include

Greer Deal – Director – Med-Di-Dia

Dr Oliver Bonner - Medical Devices Researcher – University of Cambridge

Elizabeth Ralph – Chief Operating Officer – Afortiori Development

Brenda Dooley – Chief Executive – Axis Consulting

Jay Shah – Communications Officer – Med-Di-Dia

Greg Thay – Managing Director – Thay Medical



Join the session to interact with all the experts and build a complete roadmap for your MEDICAL DEVICE!


For more questions, 

Call: +353 (0)91-704804