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Med-Di-Dia Turns 2



2019 marks the beginning of Med-Di-Dia

Our founders, Bobby Deal and Greer Deal, have been working in the life sciences for over 15+ years through the parent company – Global Regulatory Services Ltd. They saw an opportunity where life science companies were facing issues navigating the maze of regulations.

Additionally, the impact of Brexit and changing global dynamics were key motivating factors for Med-Di-Dia’s existence.


Since 2005, the Medical Device industry has seen a steep rise in innovation and adoption of wearable devices for medical purposes. With the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2019, there was a big boom in the medical technology sector. Huge investments were made and the development of innovative technology escalated at lightning speed, but companies struggled to commercialise their products.

After carrying out detailed research, our experts found that transitioning to the new EU Medical Device Regulations, combined with the impact of Brexit (and now Swiss-exit too), had become a key contributor to the slow down for commercialising innovative devices in Europe and beyond.

Looking at this opportunity, our founders decided to take the lead and assist organisations in navigating the maze of regulations to successful commercialisation.

Today, on 1st July 2021, Med-Di-Dia celebrates its 2nd Anniversary!

And our team members are celebrating new found friendships within the company, with our partners and our clients.   


Our Founder, Mr Bobby Deal, says the following

Two years have flown by already!  It’s been a challenge from the regulatory point of view with many changes but science doesn’t stand still for long.  COVID-19 has been devastating for so many with the loss of lives and livelihoods.  At the same time, however, this crisis has pushed scientific boundaries well beyond where anyone could imagine it could go and … those boundaries are still being pushed. 

Med-Di-Dia is on hand with a fantastic team of specialists who are: “ready, willing and able” to support companies in the development of their innovative medical technology from scratch.  The Pandemic has meant an acceptance and a willingness to work virtually but location is still important and I’m delighted that Med-Di-Dia is based in the lovely city of Galway, Ireland, in the Galway Technology Centre.  I’d like to extend my personal ‘thanks’ to our team, Galway Technology Centre, the Local Enterprise Office and to Mike Cubbard who, as Mayor of Galway, officially launched Med-Di-Dia to the World two years ago. 

1st of July 2021 is a day to celebrate!



Our Director, Mrs Greer Deal, says the following

“I’m delighted that we’ve made it through to the ‘Terrible Twos’ despite the COVID-19 Pandemic changing our lives so dramatically and almost literally overnight.  We didn’t get here on our own: we’ve had the most amazing support from friends, family, colleagues and clients throughout the World. These early supporters will always have a special place in our hearts because your unwavering commitment and confidence in us has helped us build solid foundations for the long-term success of Med-Di-Dia. Our second birthday on Thursday 1st July 2021 is a special day when we shall reflect on the past, celebrate the ‘now’ and look forward to the future.” 


If you are a medical device manufacturer and need any regulatory assistance, please feel free to connect with us on

+353 (0)91-704804


Celebrate with us!

Message from Greer Deal