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Ida's Visit to Medical Technology Ireland


Revisit the Medical Technology Ireland Conference with Ida Marvataj!


20th and 21st October 2021 were key dates for great learning and skill development opportunities as I attended the Medical Technology Ireland expo and conference. Why was this a big deal?


Well, this expo was the first of its kind after 18 months of COVID restrictions, and for me, this was the first-ever conference I attended. I met and interacted with many stalwarts from the MedTech space, enabling me to build a stronger profile.

My day 1 started great as the weather was on our side! Quite a rare one, but Galway had a lovely sunny day. We began our journey from the office and met our colleagues, Tara, Marie and Alfredo, at the Galway Racecourse. Soon we entered the Expo and set up a plan to make sure we got the most out of it. At first, I was a bit nervous. Interacting with people can be a big challenge, but eventually, I was able to talk to other visitors and presenters.


I was accompanying Jay, our Communications Officer, who had already efficiently trained all the team members. I am sure my colleague Alfredo would have some spice mentioned about this in his blog ๐Ÿ™ˆ. For Jay and me, this was a great opportunity when business outreach was considered. Once we began talking and interacting with other visitors, I found I had become more confident and realised that there was nothing to be afraid of or be anxious about.


Apart from the expo, I was pretty excited about the conference as we got great insights from various stalwarts. Kenny Deery, CEO of Galway Chamber, was the inaugural speaker at the conference. Coming in as an Erasmus student, this speech gave me great knowledge about Galway and the business community in Galway. Right after his speech, we had friendly interaction with him and clicked a few pictures! [Something to Boast about? Maybe! ๐Ÿ˜Š]


Galway Chamber members with Med-Di-Dia Team at Medical Technology Ireland

In conjunction with the conference, Jay and I attended the expo and met with many presenters. Next in line was Sinead Keogh from the Irish MedTech Association. Her presentation was energetic and gave deep insights into the Irish MedTech space.



Day 1 ended with 100s of visiting cards, brochures and excitement for day 2.

By now, many attendees knew about Med-Di-Dia and our services. I was a bit overwhelmed as people had started waving ‘hello’ at me!


Day 2 began with the weather still being in our favour, and our most anticipated event, Marie Gallagher’s presentation!!

Alfredo and I were pretty enthralled to see our company logo up on the screen and Marie presenting. Her presentation gave an overview of the importance of a regulatory strategy in the MDR/IVDR world.


Rtr Jay Shah, Ida Marvataj with Conference members


After her presentation, it was more like a celebrity feeling as people flooded in to exchange business contacts and know more about Med-Di-Dia. We were probably the centre of attraction for quite a while. Many attendees were interested in our services, and we were more than happy to let them know about the same.


We ended this entire affair with a pizza party and got back to work engaging with all our contacts and connections!


Well, these 2 days will have a special place in my memories as


If you are reading this blog and have had the opportunity to meet me already, I would like to say, “Hello!” once again! Please continue to engage with us as our Experts are here to provide you with complete Regulatory support in the field of Medical Devices, Diagnostics and Digital Health!


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