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Alfredo's Day 1 at Medical Technology Ireland


Alfredo De Stefano shares his experience at Medical Technology Ireland!


I have joined Med-Di-Dia recently, and Medical Technology Ireland 2021 was the first exhibition I have participated in and visited. As a Business Development Representative (BDR), it was a thrilling experience and an opportunity to meet more than 90 exhibitors from all across the globe. The Pandemic limited our physical interactions, but attending this exhibition was a delight.


Medical Technology Ireland was everything which I’d hoped for, and more! There was representation from IVD manufacturers to AI technologies, from Microengineering to basic industrial materials such as plastics, polymers, springs, cables – and the list goes on and on. I was excited to witness new projects and innovations in the MedTech space.


Tara Fahy at Medical Technology Ireland.

Tara Fahy with exhibitors 


As a BDR trainee, I assisted Tara Fahy, one of Med-Di-Dia’s Regulatory Affairs and Quality Consultants. On the first day, we, as a team, interacted with 30+ businesses, where I was able to learn the art of


Not wishing to boast about my ability, but I found I could talk and pitch to other attendees and exhibitors. This was a big opportunity as, coming from Italy, speaking English is a challenge for me. This opportunity, however, gave me a platform to expand my vocabulary and put a firm foot forwards in developing my career.


Med-Di-Dia team at Medical Technology Ireland


If you are someone who is a new entrant in the professional world, here is a little tip for you:

Build a strong relationship with your supervisor and manager! These relations will help you with multiple opportunities within the organisation.

The reason for writing this blog is to share with the world the happiness, joy and knowledge I gained by visiting Medical Technology Ireland Exhibition and Conference.


My morale and confidence were at their peak as Med-Di-Dia’s Communications Officer, Jay Shah, trained my team and me very efficiently. [Adding this to butter him up a bit 😂]


Jokes apart, Jay’s training gave me confidence and clarity on:

Previously, I learnt about the business development process in theory but then realised that the practical world is entirely different!


The physical and face-to-face interaction was far better than just lead hunting from sitting behind a desk. This exhibition helped me to lay down a stronger foundation for developing my career as a business developer with a strategy.


Through this interaction, I gained some insights into the operations of the MedTech ecosystem and realised the scope of growth in this space.  I can say that this field and sector is on a pathway of infinite expansion and will never cease to expand.


My colleagues, team members, and the entire Med-Di-Dia fraternity were very supportive of this journey and gave me excellent training and memories that I will cherish for a long time.


One thing I could recall from the session was the focus on Digital Health.  Many innovators and companies are working towards enhancing the digital health space and providing end customers with robust technologies that can play a vital role right from diagnostics to post-operative care.


With these advancements and developments in the MedTech industry, I am sure regulations will enhance safety for the end-user. Med-Di-Dia as a Regulatory consultancy has a substantial advantage of being regulatory risk partners for Medical Devices, Diagnostics, and Digital Health. We will help these innovators navigate the regulations smoothly.


Undoubtedly, my first exhibition was most memorable as, apart from meeting new people and talking business, it boosted my soft skills and acted as a platform for business outreach practices. At Med-Di-Dia, we believe that communication is the key to success, and I hope all these efforts bring in a positive result.


Cheers to many more exhibitions and learning events!


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