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IVDR Celebration Week Session 4


Med-Di-Dia and Global Regulatory Services are organising a series of weeklong fireside chats to celebrate the incoming IVD Regulations in the European Union.


This is a big buzz in the MedTech and regulatory space. For the first time, In-Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices are coming under a strict regime and vigilance dedicated to this sector. IVDR (In-Vitro Diagnostic Regulations) will be succeeding the MDD (Medical Device Directives) and will be enforceable from 26th May 2022


Session 4 – Wednesday 27th April 2022 @ 2:00 PM BST - IVD Medical Device - the need for UDI and Barcodes


EUDAMED, UDI, Harmonisation, sounds like a lot?


Wondering what this all means? Join us on Wednesday 27th April @ 2:00 PM BST, where Greer Deal – Director - Global Regulatory Services (GRS), declutters the nuances around Harmonization and Standardization. Want to implement the correct UDI Practices? Our Resource Partner – Amanda Creane – Healthcare Manager - GS1 Ireland, shall enlighten us all with the magic of GS1 standards for UDI and other barcoding practices.


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IVDR Celebration Week - IVD Medical Device - the need for UDI and Barcodes

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Health Innovation Hub Ireland 

Medilink Midlands

Xenon Health Solutions 

Galway Chamber 

GS1 Ireland 

Afortiori Development

Embassy of India - Dublin, Ireland 

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