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Alessia Shares Her Story




Since the beginning of 2020, this word has been the root cause of human suffering, trauma and economic breakdown. The pandemic of COVID-19 brought in various challenges and lessons for life. No doubt, the pandemic affected my dream of travelling the world, but it still brought me closer to the opportunity of participating in the Erasmus program.


Hi, I am Alessia, Business Development Representative at Med-Di-Dia!


Through the Erasmus program, I got an opportunity to work in the MedTech space. As a new entrant in this market, it was vital for me to know more about the industry and the sector. While my colleagues were visiting the Medical Technology Ireland session, I prepared for the expert talk series - Pandemics - Present and Future!


In our previous news updates, one can see that the Rotary Club of Galway Salthill and Med-Di-Dia organised a session and invited Prof. Maire Connolly, who is the Professor of Global Health and Development, National University of Ireland, Galway and was the Advisor on Pandemic Preparedness to WHO's Assistant Director-General on Health Security.


On 1st November 2021, our team, Ida, Alfredo, Jay and myself attended this jointly organised conference at the Ardilaun Hotel in Galway. It was a first-time experience for me. I haven’t been to such events ever in my life, and it was a big deal because we were representing our business to the world!

The event began with some Rotary Club announcements made by the club President who invited Prof. Maire to the stage.


In her presentation, Prof. Maire gave us a quick overview and helped us recall the beginning of COVID-19

Chills ran down my spine, and I am sure everyone in the auditorium had the same feeling as the lockdown, and the spread of the virus was scary. Her presentation had us in awe because Prof. Maire gave us insights into WHO’s operations and preparedness. Her presentation highlighted various facts that justified lockdowns, isolations, masks, and other COVID response requirements. Prof. Maire busted multiple myths and misinformation around COVID and Pandemic operations.


Since the topic focused on the future of pandemics and preparedness, various strategies and frameworks were discussed. It will be interesting to see how things turn out, especially when COVID-19 comes to an end. As an individual and as a team, we are committed towards promoting safety and preventive measures. After the presentation, our communications officer – Jay R. Shah, gave a speech and presented our business and company to his fellow Rotarians and other attendees.


This event was an excellent booster for my morale as I interacted with many stalwart leaders of the community and got first-hand information from a senior practitioner. Personally, this event served as an excellent means for me to network with peers and community leaders, improve my social interaction skills and develop a robust professional experience for the future.

It was a delightful experience, and I thank my supervisor and senior management for allowing us to interact and introducing us to a platform of possibilities. The future holds numerous opportunities that industrial collaborations can progress.

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