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Report from Deloitte Spotlights the Trend for Virtual Care


The pandemic of COVID19 ramped up reliability concerning virtual care. Virtual visits soared during 2020 and continue to increase significantly. The increasing number of virtual visits has become a global movement because virtual health opens a pathway where sharing of data and insights serves as a base where a complete circle of care can be efficiently delivered. It expands the horizons for disease prevention, treatment, and monitoring. Virtual care allows companies to improve their level of care whilst being cost-effective.


This shift from patients visiting clinics/hospitals, periodic visits to clinics, and having a real-time trigger and response model has significantly contributed to the effectiveness of clinical treatment. Care is available to patients on-demand, increasing the patient treatment efficiency. With the amalgamation of SaMD and Digital Tools, virtual care is bound to enhance the care experience and expand its reach in remote locations.

With the ability to personalise, accelerate and augment the treatment process, doctors will be able to pave a new pathway providing enhanced care and comfort to the patient. This boost will change the pharma landscape as medical sales and virtual interactions will be accessible. The Pandemic of COVID19 saw various digital tools for diagnoses, contact tracing, monitoring, and informing people about the latest change.

Experts believe that the new era of medical care has begun where hybrid solutions will help patients understand their conditions better and reduce treatment costs. Many tech giants and FMCG companies are investing in the virtual healthcare sector. These investments will support treatment and serve as a booster for prevention and awareness of diseases.


Virtual care is happening now!

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