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Med-Di-Dia and Thomas Regulatory Resolutions are using the social media platform to spread awareness about medical device regulatory affairs.


Using the advantage of the digital space, bustling medical device regulatory service providers are going LinkedIn Live!


On 24th June 2021, Med-Di-Dia’s director, Greer Deal and Thomas Regulatory Resolutions’ Principal Consultant, Dallas Thomas, are gearing up to bust the myths around regulatory constraints in medical device market access.


MDR and US FDA guidelines have always been a challenge for medical device manufacturers. This challenge needs to be addressed head on! Many manufacturers are busy developing innovative products but well before the product hits the market, regulations seem to stand there as a barrier to innovation. A common problem faced by all device manufacturers is the classification of devices and understanding the economic operators’ role in market access.


Therefore, Med-Di-Dia and Thomas Regulatory Resolutions have decided to cut through some of the fog surrounding this particular challenge by choosing the user-friendly and live interaction platform of LinkedIn.

Manufacturers will be able to interact LIVE with these regulatory stalwarts. Our Communications Officer – Jay Shah, will host this session. (Rtn. Rtr. Jay Shah / Rtr. Jay Shah)


Take advantage of this live session by clicking here


The session is scheduled for 24th June 2021 starting 4:00 pm GMT / 11:00 am Florida Time

If you have any questions, or point of discussion to be covered, please send an email to

Feel free to share the link with all colleagues, professionals and medical device manufacturers!