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Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences announces seminar with Med-Di-Dia.


Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences announces seminar with Med-Di-Dia.

It is crucial to ensure that you are constantly updated in the dynamic and ever-developing medical world. Therefore, organisers at the Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences have initiated a seminar to better understand EU Medical Device Classifications.


On 14th July 2021, Med-Di-Dia’s Regulatory Affairs and Quality Consultant, Ms Tara Fahy, will be presenting the latest Medical Device Classification updates.


The key focus of this seminar is to enlighten attendees about the importance of medical device classification. Entrepreneurs will often create an innovative product to meet a particular need or to solve a specific problem without realising that their innovation is viewed as having a medical purpose. It’s at times like this that mandatory compliance with medical device regulatory and quality requirements comes as quite a shock!

Since your innovation is now considered a medical device, it is essential to understand risk classifications and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, many entrepreneurs develop their medical device with the goal to take it globally. In such a scenario, having different medical device classifications will affect your market access strategy.


Using real examples, Tara Fahy will walk you through the key considerations when determining the risk classification of your device. She will also discuss how different risk classifications can affect your regulatory pathway to successful commercialisation.


To stay updated about the time and exact date, Please register here. Additionally, to avoid any regulatory setback for your medical device commercialisation process, contact our Experts and get a FREE Consultation.

Your innovation can bring additional value to the medical device industry, and at Med-Di-Dia, we provide fulsome support to all our clients.


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Don’t forget; the seminar is on 14th July 2021, 4-5 pm

Open for all. Please register here.